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Anna's Story

Anna was born in the Oklahoma County Jail on January 1, 2007. She was ten weeks premature and pronounced clinically dead by medics. Anna miraculously regained her heartbeat and lived on a ventilator at Children's Hospital for the next several weeks.

Anna was diagnosed with double pneumonia and "failure to thrive." Doctors were skeptical that she would make it through the first night. Anna survived not just one night but 70 nights at Children's Hospital without visits from anyone other than her DHS worker.

The doctors feared that if Anna did not bond with a parent very soon, she would likely die. The Harkins family learned of her situation and, after spending many nights with her in the hospital, brought her home as their foster child, eventually adopting her on January 28, 2009.

Despite a damaged trachea and lungs, Anna continues to thrive and grow stronger each day. She is a part of a family that loves and nurtures her, something that every child deserves. Their experience with Anna inspired the Harkins family to begin a foundation dedicated to the needs of newborns and infants in foster care. In August of 2009, The Anna's House Foundation was formed, seeds were planted, and fruit continues to grow.

Today Anna’s House seeks families with the desire to serve children of all ages in the foster care system in central Oklahoma. To learn more about how you can help foster children in Oklahoma County, visit our website.