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Exodus 15:2

Holly and Larry learned happiness comes in the littlest bundles through foster care. Holly works in with nonprofits and often sees families in need of help and through her work. The Doane's decided they wanted to provide help to those who need it most and foster children who are in need of unconditional love and a happy home. Before joining Anna’s House, the couple first started their journey in respite care, in which they would provide emergency housing for children. "It was a great way to get introduced to the system and learn how the process worked", Holly said.  “From that process, we really got our feet wet into what it’s like having kids around the house 24/7, and we were able to meet other foster parents and learn from them before we took the full leap ourselves.”

After their time with alternative caregiving, the Lord directed Holly and Larry to apply to be foster parents through Anna’s House Foundation. For over a year, the Doane's have fostered a sweet baby boy.  “He brings joy into our lives every single day, and has shown us a love we didn’t know before.” As Holly and Larry have been on their fostering journey, they have grown as parents, and the family has grown together in the Lord. As time showed them difficulties, they remembered, “The Lord is my strength and my song…” (Exodus 15:2), which reminds them that they are never alone on their journey. 

To take the first step into foster care, call Anna's House Foundation at 405 - 509 - 2055.