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Loving Children In Need

For years, my husband and I had the desire to adopt. After pursuing international adoption, it became clear those doors were closing for us, and we weren't quite sure where the Lord was leading us. One thing was sure, we knew God wanted us to show His love to vulnerable children. He wanted us to open our home to children that needed tangible care and unconditional love through the ups and downs of life. Standing on the truth that God never stops coming after us with a real and sustaining love, we knew that kind of love is meant to be shared. So we prayed and started taking steps to adopt through DHS. After a year, we were approved. But we waited and waited to be chosen to adopt a small sibling group ages 0-4. We then became painfully aware that there were hundreds of other pre-adoptive families in our area with the same specific criteria for children. So if those kids didn’t lack for options, who did?
One answer was children currently in foster care. Many children were in need of a temporary home, not a permanent one. The reality of the situation was that we needed to shift our thinking to meet the current need of children instead of asking them to meet ours. We had to decide if we wanted to keep waiting indefinitely to be a permanent home or to immediately serve some of the thousands of children that desperately needed a temporary home. Before we could take any steps, we also had to admit that we were afraid of fostering. We were afraid of the pain of saying goodbye to children we loved, the pain of walking alongside people living broken lives, the pain of seeing our own failures, and laying it all down. So after prayer and with God's peace, we moved past the fear and said yes to foster. 3 days later had a sweet little girl in our home. While we did not know how long she would be in our home, we knew we were there to share the tangible love of Jesus with her and her family.
Fast forward 5 years, and we did adopt 2 kids that we fostered as well as see some children reunified with family and siblings. The journey has not been what we would have said we could handle when we started. It has been full of joys, frustration and heartache, and plenty of paperwork, of course. But God used us, stretched us, and poured out his grace when we were weak and afraid because we were willing to receive it.  Through it all God was "able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or think according to His power at work within us..." (Eph 3:20) We are thankful Lord, for letting us be a part of it. 
- Anna's House Foster Care Worker