Rolling Thunder Book Bus | Anna's House Foundation

Rolling Thunder Book Bus

Anna’s House was blessed by the OKC Thunder as they came to our offices with their Rolling Thunder Book Bus! Loaded with 3,000 books and decked out in Thunder colors, our children were able to hop on board and pick out a few books for some summer reading!


It has been shown that the more children are exposed to reading books at an early age, the more they will express enjoyment of books, reading and academics in their lives. Our children are so excited to have their new books - now they just need someone to help them read it! Being a Reading Buddy Volunteer with Anna’s House is a fun way to connect with the children and to help them develop a lifelong passion for learning. If you are interested in becoming a Reading Buddy Volunteer, contact our Volunteer Coordinator to get started!

As a non profit, we are always incredibly grateful for our community and how they donate their time and resources. When you give, you not only touch the lives of our children, but rejuvenate the spirit of our staff as we continue to advocate for foster families and children in state custody.

Thank you, OKC Thunder, for investing in our children’s lives through the fun of reading!