The AHF Journal: Elizabeth Fischborn, Volunteer | Anna's House Foundation

The AHF Journal: Elizabeth Fischborn, Volunteer

"I've been a volunteer with The Anna's House Foundation since February of this year. My journey began because I had been wanting to support foster families for several years and AHF came to our church to share their ministry one morning in November, which is Foster Awareness Month. I travel a lot, but thankfully AHF works with my crazy schedule to allow me to volunteer when time allows. 

Both my husband and I volunteer with AHF and have served in various volunteer capacities, including sorting the donated clothes in the office, babysitting children, moving furniture, and helping to organize a foster family's space.

Connecting with the foster parents is a profound joy and is the most rewarding part of my involvement with AHF. It is such a gift to meet the families who sacrifice their own lives to serve the children of our state.

To anyone reading this who has considered or might be interested in learning more about volunteering, know that there are many opportunities to serve that do not require a long-term commitment. That is amazing! We are thankful to be able to serve as we are able.

I have been privileged to watch how precious the relationship is between foster parents and their children and am happy to continue the work of a ministry like AHF that equips foster parents in such an incredible way.

I believe the church can solve the foster care crisis we face in Oklahoma by following The Anna's House Foundation's lead and empowering and supporting families to help us meet this need. As a volunteer, I know that though we are not able to step up and foster at this time, we are still a part of the solution!"

—Elizabeth Fischborn

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