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The Holidays.

As October nears it’s close, the holidays are upon us. For most people, the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas are times of joy; when families come together to celebrate the

things they are thankful for and the bonds of kinship and faith that unite them. Unfortunately, this time of year brings the opposite of happiness for many families. Historically, the holidays have a higher rate of family separations than other seasons. In addition, according to the Administration for Children and Families, the numbers of children in state care has risen by about 10,000 children per year since 2013 to reach a staggering 437,000 nationwide in 20161.  

With numbers growing, your continued support for Anna’s House is always needed and always appreciated, especially this time of year. Though financial contributions are encouraged, there are so many other ways to help with this growing problem through Anna’s House.  We are always in need of volunteers for our resource room or the Luther Community. Our resource room is also always in need of in-kind donations. This time of year, winter coats and children’s bibles are at the top of our list. We are so grateful for all of the volunteers and donations that we get from our very supportive community.  You can find more information on how to donate or volunteer on our website.

Other than the kindness of individuals, Anna’s House has put together some amazing partnerships to help support our families during the holidays. For example, with help from Paycom, Anna’s House is able to provide every child under our umbrella with all of their Christmas wishes. Thanks to dedicated volunteers, we will be hanging up the 800 beautiful ornaments at Paycom next week!

With each passing year the numbers of children in foster care seem to rise and the holidays are an all too common time for family separation. The support of everyone in our community, from our partners, sponsors and the many generous individuals who devote their time and resources to us is needed, felt and appreciated. All of us here at Anna’s House are praying for the upcoming holiday season to bring many blessings to our children, families and to all those who support us.


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