The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part One) | Anna's House Foundation

The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part One)

After having been involved with the Pauline Mayer Children's shelter, I learned about the plight and struggles of the children in our foster care system and wanted to get involved on a deeper level with an organization that was truly making instrumental changes in these children's lives. In my three years of being an Anna's House volunteer, I've been on the Gumdrops & Lollipops Ball committee, helped with Christmas stockings and gifts, and also became a Respite foster care provider.

Seeing the amazing AHF foster homes built in Luther that were a direct result of our fundraising has been the most rewarding thing. These homes provide a safe, stable and loving place for these children who have been through so much trauma in their short lives. What has been created in that community is truly remarkable.

To everyone who has or is considering volunteer work: It's so important to get out there and get involved in our communities. The "statistics" of what can happen to children who grow up in the foster care system is heartbreaking, to say the least. If enough people care and get involved, we can undoubtedly change the path for these children.

Through my work as a volunteer, I've gained insight of the perils of our foster care system and all the work that needs to be done to help bring these children a brighter future, and I've gained a passion for spreading this message.

- Kiley Gauthier