The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part Two) | Anna's House Foundation

The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part Two)

I decided to volunteer because I have one weekday off work every week and wanted to do something good with that day. I’ve always had a heart for fostering and adoption and wanted a chance to make a difference in my local community. I've been an Anna's House volunteer for five months now, and my volunteer day consists of helping to inventory and organize donations for the Resource Room at the Edmond office. I love to hold babies, so I also help in the infant room at the monthly parent support meetings. This December was my first time to be able to help with the Christmas Party, which was a really exciting thing to be a part of. Though I’ve only been volunteering for a short time, I’m looking forward to future opportunities to help one-on-one with children. Someday I hope to have the resources to become a respite care provider or foster parent.

I would like to tell everyone who is thinking about starting volunteer work that even if you’re only able to give a small amount of time or energy, it is still worth it! I know plenty of people, myself included, who have talked themselves out of volunteering because they fear they won’t be able to give enough. Don’t be discouraged; your heart for helping others is a gift that needs to be shared.

For years I’ve felt something missing in my life. Recently I’ve realized what it is: being a servant. I believe my highest calling is to serve and love people the way that God loves me. In volunteering for Anna’s House, I feel I’ve been able to truly become – in a small way – the hands and feet of Christ. This is what living is all about. When you offer yourself to others, the inevitable result is wanting to give even more. That is a wonderful feeling.

– Sara Thiessen