Wonderful Week of Fundraising | Anna's House Foundation

Wonderful Week of Fundraising

A special thanks to Deer Creek High School for benefitting Anna's House as the 2016 Wonderful Week of Fundraising recipient.

The Wonderful Week of Fundraising is an annual philanthropic week organized by Student Council to raise money and awareness for a local charity. Students attend assemblies, participate in evening events, dine at local restaurants, and more during WWF. Students called Doughboys volunteer to go above and beyond by raising money for the charity through fundraising letters, dares, food sales, and more. Since 2001 more than $740,000 has been given to charities and individuals in need through the generosity of Deer Creek High School and the Deer Creek community.  In spring 2016, WWF raised over $90,000.00 for AHF. These funds are going directly to construction of the 5th home in the AHF Foster Care Community.