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The Anna's House Community in Luther, OK is  the physical fulfillment of the Foundation's mission – a state-of-the-art community designed to truly foster Oklahoma's children in need in an exceptional environment focused on providing a stable beginning and a healthy future.

The property includes eight single-family homes, each serving up to five children in foster care, primarily sibling groups. Sibling groups, that may otherwise be separated as they enter the foster system due to lack of available placement options, will have a stable, loving home in which they can go to maintain those crucial bonds at such a difficult time in their lives.

Each child will be given individual assessments so their specific needs can be met while in the Community and during their time in the foster care system. These assessments include: physical/medical, emotional, behavioral and family/kinship relationships.

Anna's House Care Specialists provide critical support to all of our foster families by attending all court hearings, DHS and family meetings, and by providing for both physical and emotional needs. They play a critical role in the team management of children in Anna's House homes, referring to additional services as needed. With this optimal family support and ongoing education, AHF families excel at meeting the needs of children in their care.
As DHS looks to close all state-run shelters, the Anna's House Foster Care Community will serve a great need in our community.

It is the goal of The Anna's House Foundation that through this aggressive and unique project we can change the future for foster children in Oklahoma County for generations to come. If you are interested in applying to live at the community contact Executive Director Katherine Craig or 405-509-2055.


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