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Anna's House and our AHF families benefit in many ways through volunteers. Not all are called to be a foster parent, but we are all called to do something. Volunteers of various ages and backgrounds may join us through weekly, monthly, or one-time opportunities, and groups may partner with us through projects and events. Youth volunteers (under age 18) can assist our agency with donation drives benefiting the kids in care or prepare for special events and holiday parties.

We are so excited our volunteer force is comprised of a variety of ages and from unique backgrounds. Whatever your skills or talents might be, we'd love to visit with you about how you can change a child's life forever as an Anna's House Foundation volunteer. We're committed to training and supporting each volunteer. Those who work unsupervised with foster children are asked to participate in a screening process.


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Help with Resource Room:

Our large resource rooms provide an opportunity for families to "shop" for free for the foster children in their homes, including clothes, diapers and some children's equipment. Volunteers sort, organize and inventory donations in a way that allows families to obtain clean safe appropriate items needed for the children in their home.

Preparing Meals for Families:

Volunteers can help prepare meals (fresh or frozen) for families. Getting a meal is such a blessing to families who receive a new placement, especially when families receive a sibling group. Meals are also a great way to help a family feel support and care.

Group Volunteering:

Volunteer groups  can make a big difference when it comes to lawn care at our AHF community.  Volunteers can help wash windows, plant flowers, pull weeds, and play with our children on the playground, basketball courts, and splashpad located in  AHF community in Luther, OK.  Schools, youth groups, churches, and businesses can serve anywhere between March - October. This opportunity is open to all ages.

Host a Drive/Event:

You can impact the lives of children and families at AHF through organizing a supply drive or hosting an event. One of the most tangible ways to bless a family is through meeting practical needs. Hosting a diaper/wipes/gift card drive is a huge step in that direction. A business or small group can often get a great result from $5-10 donations from each person. Anna's House is happy to procvide you with flyers, posters, and boxes for collecting items.

Support Group Volunteer:

Support Group Volunteers meet at a local church in OKC every 3rd Tuesday of the month to play with kids while their parents get much-needed prayer, support, and training hours. Each support group lasts approximately 2 hours.

For all volunteer opportunities contact britley@annashousefoundation.org


We may provide students from accredited universities or colleges with formal internship or field placement programs in relevant fields of study with an opportunity to apply their theoretical learning within a practical setting. Resumes are accepted May - July for Fall Internships, and October - December for Spring Internships.

Decisions to provide field instruction are dependent on the requirements of the school and the availability of staff in the area of interest to provide the instruction. AHF aims to provide the best learning environment possible in order to increase the knowledge and competence of those in the social service field. Currently, we only take undergrad students.

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