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To begin your foster journey, please contact an Anna's House Certification Specialist at or call (405) 509-2055

In our state, there are over 8,000 in foster care.  Many children in foster care are abused and/or neglected, and need your attention, time, and love. Open your home and your heart by becoming a foster parent. To become a foster parent, you need to be:

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Foster Families of Faith

Anna's House Foundation recruits and supports foster families of faith. Fostering is a temporary placement of children whose parents may be working toward reunification. It is important that foster families realize children deserve to be with their families of origin if the family can repair the issues that put their children in OKDHS custody. There are times that children are unable to be reunited with their biological family; at that time children may be considered for adoption. A foster family should never go into foster parenting as a means to adopt, but realize that it may be an option at some point.

Foster families will be expected to help maintain their child’s connection to their kin, culture and community while providing temporary care, love and nurturance to the child or children in their home. A foster family is expected to work as a member of a professional team to serve the best interests of the child and their family by supporting relationships and efforts to reunite. Children are from various origins, ethnicities, backgrounds, and ages, and some have experienced neglect or abandonment. These traumas require a family to embrace them with love, patience and kindness.

Making a Difference

We recruit foster families who are called to make "life changing differences" in the lives of foster children for the period they are in their home and family. Each child's family situation is unique and requires a commitment to work with the child as long as they need them. The length of time to become a foster family will vary, depending on the procedures involved in each situation. The process usually includes:


Completing all required forms

Providing references

Completing foster parent training

Undergoing required background checks and fingerprinting

Participating in a home study which includes family member interviews


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