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Foster Care Recruiter and Trainer

Full time position reporting directly to Executive Director of The Anna’s House Foundation with respect to the assistance and support of the organization’s efforts of recruitment and certification of foster families.


Recruit potential foster families and volunteers through church presentations, civic groups, community events, and social media, and respond to inquiries within 24 business hours.

Responsible for implementing, maintaining, and updating DHS recruitment plan and submitting to DHS quarterly.

Responsible for creating and updating new marketing materials for AHF in collaboration with ED.

Responsible for collaborating with ED to establish and maintain yearly internal recruitment goals.Identify groups with highest potential for targeted recruitment to meet the needs of children in care.

Responsible for foster parent orientation and pre-resource training at least 10 times annually.

Responsible for coordinating monthly support group trainings.

Responsible for planning and implementing yearly continuing education opportunities.

Train CPR for all incoming and current AHF families as needed.

Collaborate with DHS support center for warm transfers and referrals.

Meet individually with inquiries as needed.

Manage progress of inquiries in data management system.

Maintain regular in office hours; notify supervisor when flex or comp time is necessary.


At minimum, bachelor’s degree in social work or behavioral or social science or a related field.

Detail oriented, with strong written and oral communication skills in order to manage a continuous workflow of a high volume, multi-tasking environment.

Energetic, articulate and self-assured, and possess strong interpersonal skills.

Ability to interact with persons of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds in a manner that demonstrates sensitivity toward difference.

Ability to establish and maintain relationships with local organizations and churches.



Skilled at working in a team and place organizational success above personal success.

Proficient at creating and tracking project schedules.

Willingness to communicate by phone or email outside of normal business hours.

Willingness to meet with potential families outside of normal business hours.

Skilled at working well independently and within continuously evolving teams and other organizations.

High level of work ethic, integrity, and transparency with all projects.


Please send cover letter and resume to katherine@annashousefoundation.org by May 15th, 2021

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