AHF Featured in The Edmond Outlook

“FOSTERING HOPE” By Taylor Bollinger

May 2023

“The Foundation addresses the physical and emotional needs of foster families. In addition to clothing and the tangible resources needed to support a child, Anna’s House connects families with the preparation, training, and community support throughout their fostering journey.

“I think of a little one showing up in my home–a stranger’s home–in the middle of the night,” said Angie Sullivan, former foster parent and current Anna’s House volunteer. “Right out of the gate, Anna’s House provided everything we needed to give them a safe place, show them love, and be a sort of lighthouse during an incredibly difficult time in their life.”

Katherine Craig, executive director of The Anna’s House Foundation, encourages anyone who has ever considered fostering to simply give them a call. “Fear can keep people from seeking out answers,” Katherine said. “If it’s ever been on your heart, just give us a call and we can answer any questions you might have. No pressure, just information.”

For those who do move forward with fostering, the process is really simple. “Once someone calls, it only takes about 60 days to walk through certification, and we have a great team that helps families do that.” And the need has never been greater. “The Foundation has recently seen an increase in need, as foster homes are closing without being replenished,” Katherine said. “Children are waiting, sometimes overnight in a caseworker’s office.”

he Anna’s House Foundation is always accepting donations and volunteers. “We appreciate any investment of time, talent, or treasure,” Katherine said.

Volunteer opportunities include offering childcare while future foster families attend two-hour training or support groups, providing meals for families as they adjust to new placements, organizing the Foundation’s free resource room, or hosting a donation drive. The Anna’s House Foundation is also a great destination for group volunteer work, providing corporate, church, or school groups with meaningful, hands on service”.