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How is Anna’s House handling the COVID-19 Crisis?

Keeping kids safe is a 24/7 job and Anna’s House takes this responsibility very seriously. As new CDC guidelines emerge each day, we are taking precautions to keep children and families safe.

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A Foster Mom's Perspective

If more people knew about Anna’s House Foundation, I think more people would want to be foster parents. They make the process so easy, and they are always there every step of the way.”

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Anna’s House Chosen as Finalist for the 13th Annual Oklahoma Nonprofit Excellence (ONE) Awards

Anna’s House is one of twenty-one Oklahoma organizations that are now finalists for a $10,000 award and the title of the state’s top nonprofit, thanks to the prestigious Oklahoma Nonprofit Excellence (ONE) Awards, presented annually by the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits.

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10 Years Of Volunteering

Ting Hurst has volunteered with Anna’s House Foundation since the beginning. Ting got started with Anna’s House Foundation when the founders, Greg and Beth, started the first organization. She went to the same church as them, and they were looking for volunteers for their inaugural event.

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Exodus 15:2

Holly and Larry learned happiness comes in the littlest bundles through foster care. Holly works in with nonprofits and often sees families in need of help.

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