The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part Three)

I decided to volunteer because I kept reading about the overwhelming need for foster care organization support in Oklahoma City, and sensed a call from God. Ive been a volunteer with The Annas House Foundation for nine months. My responsibilities began with calling references for prospective foster families; now I organize the resource room and help with occasional events. My most rewarding experience thus far has been getting to know the AHF team and seeing the families show up at the Christmas party with their foster children.

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The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part Two)

I decided to volunteer because I have one weekday off work every week and wanted to do something good with that day. I’ve always had a heart for fostering and adoption and wanted a chance to make a difference in my local community. Ive been an Annas House volunteer for five months now, and my volunteer day consists of helping to inventory and organize donations for the Resource Room at the Edmond office.

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The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part One)

After having been involved with the Pauline Mayer Childrens shelter, I learned about the plight and struggles of the children in our foster care system and wanted to get involved on a deeper level with an organization that was truly making instrumental changes in these childrens lives.

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The AHF Journal: Experiences with Fostering (Part Two)

These are quotes from the beautiful people of our placing agency, The Anna’s House Foundation. They are like an anchor in the very real turmoil of foster care. Their management of biological parent visits, DHS caseworkers, court dates, documentation, continuing education, etc. has allowed us to navigate the process with confidence, knowing we have experienced people working right alongside us. They are available when we need them, whatever time of day or night that might be, with unceasing patience.

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"Reunification" by The Blazs Family

We were fresh out of training and we were anxious to get started. We were hopeful about the perfect bridge resource family scenario, but we had been so involved in the foster care community that we had an idea of the frequency of that actually occurring. Never the less, our prayer as we went into this was that we might build a relationship with our foster child and their biological family with the hopes of sharing the Gospel with them. That was the better life we asked the Lord to provide for the little ones and their families who would come to our home.

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