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A Special Message from Our Executive Director

If I had to summarize my work with The Anna’s House Foundation in two words, they would be “humbling” and “fulfilling”. I have learned an enormous amount about myself during my time serving as Executive Director. I have recognized my strengths and weaknesses as an individual and I have been blessed to see how a great team working together can accomplish far more together than alone.

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Fostering Hope: From the Desk of a Foster Care Specialist

In August 2016, God invited me to be a part of the work He was already doing at and through Anna’s House Foundation and I begun my journey as an AHF foster care specialist. Three years prior, I had stepped out in faith and left my career in nursing and began the work as a foster care worker with another agency. I found myself at a crossroads. My husband and I fostered for nearly ten years. Our home was full with six children (two biological and four adopted), and so we decided to close our home to fostering. But once you “know” in the realm of foster care, you can’t un-know.

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The Joy of Giving: An Executive Director's Perspective

I have volunteered with Annas House since 2009, so 8 years. While my family was fostering infants and toddlers (2004-2009), I saw so many babies that had spent weeks in the shelter. An atmosphere similar to a shift change worker in a shelter for children 0-18 years old just broke my heart, particularly for the babies. I was so deeply saddened by the fact that each baby we cared for had spent many days in shelters and bounced from homes because studies show that the period of 0-3 years old is critical for neurological development and bonding. There had to be something better! I learned of a new nonprofit called Annas House that was focusing on an alternative to the state-run shelter.

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The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part Three)

I decided to volunteer because I kept reading about the overwhelming need for foster care organization support in Oklahoma City, and sensed a call from God. Ive been a volunteer with The Annas House Foundation for nine months. My responsibilities began with calling references for prospective foster families; now I organize the resource room and help with occasional events. My most rewarding experience thus far has been getting to know the AHF team and seeing the families show up at the Christmas party with their foster children.

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The Joy of Giving: A Volunteer's Perspective (Part Two)

I decided to volunteer because I have one weekday off work every week and wanted to do something good with that day. I’ve always had a heart for fostering and adoption and wanted a chance to make a difference in my local community. Ive been an Annas House volunteer for five months now, and my volunteer day consists of helping to inventory and organize donations for the Resource Room at the Edmond office.

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