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“Fostering Action”: How You Can Help

Annas House and our AHF families benefit in many ways through volunteers. Not all are called to be a foster parent, but we are all called to do something. Volunteers of various ages and backgrounds may join us through weekly, monthly, or one-time opportunities, and groups may partner with us through projects and events. Learn how you can help.

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Advice from Current Foster Families: The Fostering/Adoption Process (Part Two)

The process itself is really easy. It gets complicated when trying to gather all the necessary paperwork and getting schedules in sync for the interview/home inspection. Anna’s House has been amazing in helping to get the paperwork completed and any additional care the child may need, and honestly just being an encourager.

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Advice from Current Foster Families: The Fostering/Adoption Process (Part One)

Fostering a child is a complicated undertaking. Every child is different and deals with this difficult situation differently. You need to be flexible and able to roll with the punches. One assumption we had was that we would only be fostering the children and would have little to no involvement with the rest of their families. However, we have found that in many cases you will be involved in fostering the entire family. God will use you as a tool to rebuild these broken families, not only their children.

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Gumdrops & Lollipops Ball 2016: About the Event

The Anna's House Community in Luther, OK will be the physical fulfillment of the Foundation's mission – a state-of-the-art community designed to support Oklahoma's foster children by providing an exceptional environment focused on a stable beginning and a healthy future. It is the goal of The Anna's House Foundation to change the future for foster children in Oklahoma County for generations to come through this unique project.

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Advice from Current Foster Families: The Challenges and Rewards of Fostering (Part Two)

“We have been foster parents for a little over a year, and currently have five children. The biggest initial challenge was bringing these kids into our home and learning how they work and how they respond to us, and us to them. Above it all, it is imperative to remember that these children want to thrive. If you give them the tools they need and encourage them constantly, they will succeed. We have one child who was really struggling in school. With the help of tutors and one-on-one attention at school, she began to consistently earn good grades. It was hard work for all of us, but it worth every moment. She is now ready to move on to the next grade in school. She is very proud of herself and enjoys learning now.

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